Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Losing Time...

I have to admit that even through this stressful exam period I can't help but take some time out and make some collages. For my eighteenth century french art exam I wore the following...Background Image: Antoine Watteau, Embarkation for the Isle of Cythera, 1717
Square print dress by Hooch, Blue Shrug from Topshop, Vintage Belt and a blue satin headband from Miss Selfridge. I have to admit I am glad to see the back of that century, it certainly wasn't the most exciting of modules I have taken this year.

I've also discovered that I have misplaced my watch somewhere and have been annoying my housemates all day by constantly muttering to myself about it and tearing my room apart. I guess it had sentimental value as I've had it since I was 17 but then again I was planning to replace it this Summer anyway because it was beginning to fall apart. Plus, I know that these things have a way of coming back to us when we are least expecting it. It's funny how you don't miss something until it's gone! This leads me onto Swatch watches. They're so expensive for a bit of plastic but there is something very nostalgic about them. The cheapest ones are about £35 while other designs can reach £60. I had a look but was only drawn to the kid's watches, particularly the one with the smiling face!


  1. loving the hair bow (of course)!

  2. I love plastic watches! They are the sense of humour for dressing up! You look like an adorable doll, the cardi with matching hair bow and the cute dress.... sooooooo PRETTY!

  3. just discovered your blog and love it ;)

    Your sense of style is so unique and cute!

  4. Thank you so much for the comment. Love the shrug...with the dress.

    Maybe you need more watches.

  5. Oh I love your outfit it is so pretty, it goes lovely against that background to :) I also LOVE swatch watches, I used to have one when I was a kid but seeing them in your post makes me want one now, they are so colourful and cute

  6. I'm on the hunt for a kids watch atm! I want a boys one - like Thomas the Tank Engine, or Transformers... And I love your collages! I wish I had your skills :(

  7. You looked very appropriate for your exam! I like it!
    About the watches... I am not much into them. Maybe because here in Spain people who think they have a clue about fashion wear them as if they were the coolest thing ever invented. It's like a plague!


  8. you are always so sweet!

    i love all that you dresses ;)

    a kiss!

  9. The watches are cool! And i like the cardigan you're wearing!

  10. Pretty look. I need a watch too. These are super cute--would definitely add a twist to my work outfits!

  11. Ooh the headband is adorable! and yes yes love to swap links :)

  12. hi dear!

    thanks a lot for bein around!

    a kiss

  13. Love the dress!
    I love swatches, esp that they're water resistant, so no need to remember to take them off before a shower. The one on the far left of the pic was my last one, but the strap broke a few weeks ago :(

  14. I love this dress, the cut of it is sweet.



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