Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've had Better Days...

I have been having a string of bad luck lately. Firstly I lost my watch then a faulty cash point swallowed my debit card, my speakers for my laptop have just died and then the belt I'm wearing in the pictures below decided it was on it's last days too. One of the metal clasps fell off, my dad might be able to weld it back on (as Dads do!) but I'm not sure if It can really be saved. I went home for the day for my grandma's birthday meal (she owns a little Chinese restaurant called the Shirley Temple, it was named without the connection to the child star and amused lots of people when it first opened way back. It's in an area called Shirley.) I brought along a skirt and some tights to transform my outfit for the next day.

On the right I'm wearing a TopShop bib detail T-shirt, H&M purple dress, KG shoes (love how these are like tap shoes)
Left, TopShop bid detail T-shirt, Urban Outfitters Skirt, TopShop Navy Tights, KG shoes.

I'm so exhausted from all this revision, so my posts really will be a lot slower for the next week. My last exam is next Saturday (can you believe that? Who wants to sit an exam on the weekend?). Over and out!



  1. Good luck for your exam... I've had cash cards swallowed up by machines too.... I end up standing there and screaming at the machine 'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....'

  2. ooo, I love that skirt I was going to get that same look of skirt manufactured for the store but then I decided not to! I think maybe I just might... in pink and yellow as well.

    Ah, yeah, the shipping a bit much for international but don't matter, I'm just glad I got you as a blog friend! ^-^

  3. Well you look good at least, despite the bad luck!

  4. i notice that you have quite a fair bit of nice belts!! lovely!

    good luck for the exams!

  5. I love the effect of the blue skirt and tights in the second picture!


  6. love the outfit!
    good luck in your exam!

  7. hi dear!

    i wish you be better soon, think positive that everything will be great again!

    i wish you the best and i love the pics, you are awsome!

    a kiss and a hug,
    see you,

  8. Cool outfit, I have to get one of those belts. Oh and some more coloured tights, the blue looks great. Hope everything goes well with your exam. Wanna link?

  9. love the belt!!!
    good luck for your exam!!!


  10. Nice. Good luck on exams and bad luck!

  11. Im sorry about your belt, I hope your dad can get it fixed! Love all the blue!

  12. I'm sorry to hear about all your bad luck I've been there too!!
    On a good note your outfit is great and I love your belt I want to take it from you!

  13. That belt is pretty darn amazing, I can't say I'm not jealous.

  14. Really love that belt and the shoes are cute, too.



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