Sunday, May 25, 2008

All Chilled Out....

My exams are all over and done with! It's a really weird feeling because I'm obviously glad I'm done with exams but it signals the end of my time at uni! I feel a bit hollow, no more education unless I decide to take up a postgraduate course. The exam wasn't too bad and I was surprisingly calm and focused but I feel it was due to a few drops of my housemates rescue remedy! I no longer need to stare at piles of notes and marking numerous pages in books. No more studying theories of postmodernism and postcolonialism! No more staring at the images below. Yayy! (Isn't it funny how vogue and dazed also become part of the pile of revision books?)

We celebrated by having lunch then going out for some yummy japanese bento boxes later that night. Though I am sure to carry on celebrating until my contract at my house runs out. Uni wise I've still got the summer soirée, results day and graduation. Oh, and of course my trip to New York will be in exactly a months time! On June 25th, me and three friends are jetting off to NYC!

Above is a photo of the daffodils that I said I bought for my hair. Cheery little things :)

As you know, I am constantly on the look out for a dress to wear to the Summer soiree (my university department ball) which is on the 6th June. Oasis have some lovely floral dresses which have just hit their online store. I love the the pretty watercolour illustrations they've used to accompany the dresses. The dresses all have names and the only one I really like is the one called Lily Lane, a pretty white dress with a yellow floral print. They all seem to be £80 which is more than I mean to spend. Still, the hunt is on, but at least I can concentrate on fun stuff rather than spend hours buried in books and a pile of notes.


  1. Ah, congratulations on finishing with all the exams!! and those flora print dresses are wonderful, can't wait to see what is your final pick for the ball!

  2. those dresses are beautiful

  3. hi dear!

    congratulations about all! About the study, it s so normal to fell this way...but the important is that now you will focuse only about what you like...that´s life after least for me :)

    love the dresses...

    a kiss!

  4. Congratulations on finishing your exams. This may sound strange, but don't be surprised if you grieve a little bit over this monumental change to your lifestyle, this finishing of school and studying.

    I hope you'll have some great adventures in the near future.

    I love those dresses!

  5. Those dresses are very nice. I like the Lily Lane one the best too. This is my first time visiting your blog and I really enjoyed all your posts. You have a very nice blog. Congrats on finishing school!!! I will be back to visit everyday!!

  6. i really love those florals!

  7. Congrats on the end of your exams! Im very jealous you're going to NY!

  8. Congratulations on the end of your exams! Make the most of the time you have left! Very pretty dresses!

  9. ooh i love the 3rd dress :) they all look lovely... and the flower thingie in ur hair - im also addicted to them! :)

    anyway, im so happy for u!! post-exam days are what i like best abt being in college before.. PARTAY!!! :)




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