Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Pink...and Dolce Latte?

I realised after reading Style Bytes Thrifted Bow ties that I had infact bought some stuff recently that wasn't make up. In fact a couple days ago I went with my mom to Matalan. It's good for cheap kid's clothes but everything else in there was just poor quality. Sort of like Primark but even less fashionable, obviously I wasn't very impressed but I did leave with a pink bow hairband for £2.50. It was too cute to let it pass by! Keeping with the pink theme I painted my nails with Barry M's no.272 pink nail polish. All that pink Heatherette stuff really has gone to my head.

I went for a meal with my friend yesterday. I found some shoes that I bought around Christmas but were slightly on the small side. I don't know why, but maybe it was too cold for my feet to register any pain...aside from this my friend also had to reassure me that I didn't smell at all 'toiletty' (my mom bought one of those air fresheners that squirt scent into the air every now and then and I swear thats all I could smell on the bus) we went to Bella Italia, an Italian resturant. I ended up ordering a dish with chargrilled chicken with a white sauce. For some reason I overlooked the fact that Dolce Latte was on it, and since then I've realised it is one stinky cheese. It's safe to say I definitely won't be ordering that again. I'm just glad it wasn't goats cheese because I probably wouldn't have touched the whole that is some stinky cheese!


  1. I like the nails so much. Cuteness!

  2. Hi sweetie! Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by my blog and to leave some love. It's always nice to meet another paint pot fanatic :) Heh.

    Hope your weekend is off to a great start so far. Take care and I hope to hear from you more often :)

  3. My dad once said that human feet expands when it's warmer. Maybe that's what happened to you? But that's just his theory because he has experienced it a lot of times. :p

  4. Sara- your Dad was probably right! haha.

  5. I have basically the exact same bow but in purple.
    but i guess all bows look the same...
    btw, love the nails. ;)



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