Wednesday, April 09, 2008

27 Dresses

I went to the cinema today with a friend and watched the movie, 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. It was the typical chick flick and I do have a bit of a soft spot for them. Yes, it was predicatble but not overly so, there were still elements that left me feeling suprised. In all, it was a pretty decent chick flick filled with plenty of laughs and sweet moments. I absolutely loved her wardrobe of 27 dresses, so colourful and crazy much like a 5 year olds dream dressing up box. It's definitely a film for those girl's nights in with pyjamas and a big bowl of popcorn. Yay!It makes me wonder though, what would I make my bridesmaids wear? Clashing colours or classic neutrals? I joke with my friends that I would make them wear crazy stuff, but I wouldn't really.....I'm not that mean...!


  1. Oh I saw this, its not the best, not the worst but then i hate chick flicks/rom coms. The scene where she tries them all on is good. I'd make my bridesmaids wear horrific dresses just to annoy them.

  2. Yeah I agree that it's not the best one out there, but it's one of the better ones that I've seen recently. Haha, my friends joke that they wouldn't be my bridesmaids if I made them wear crazy dresses, but I know that they would wear hot pink dresses and wierd shoes if it came down to it!



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