Sunday, March 30, 2008


There are many things that make me happy and one of those is anything Art Nouveau. The movement (technically a style) originates in 1890's Paris and it's key features are organic and sinewy lines inspired by plantforms. So very tactile, I just want to trace the organic curves! I was originally introduced to it when I was about 14 by my art teacher who suggested that I researched Aubrey Beardsley for one of my projects. I've not looked back since and did further work based on Art Nouveau for A-Level where I went to visit the V&A. I was so blown away, particularly by the Art Nouveau Jewellery which were so beautiful. I've also got to mention that visiting the Musee D'Orsay in Paris last year made me even happier because they have a wonderful collection of Art Nouveau furniture etc and some fabulous Lalique glass (see the beautiful hair decoration to the left). Of course they had the metro signs too, and I had a field day with my camera :) I guess I'm only touching the surface with this post of my love for art nouveau...but I have to make sure I go and visit Barcelona and see Gaudi's masterpieces! It's clear that it's a movement that I have connected with many memories, school, college and university.

It might be quite telling that I made sure I went to visit Gallerie Lafayette before we left. Couldn't leave Paris without a bit of shopping! I think I only left with a scarf from that dept. store though because it was like any other (expensive!). Next time I go back I need to spend more time in the Marais (the jewish quarter) because there were some great vintage shops and boutiques I want to go back to!
Anyway, briefly back to Galleries Lafayette, I couldn't help but be wowed by the amazing 1900's domed roof and the beautiful balconies of each floor. Very reminiescent of French Opera houses and those theatre boxes. Stunning stuff! Ah, I would love to go back...


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