Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pink and Glitzy

On Thursday the much anticipated Fafi collection for MAC was released in the UK. I do love Fafi and I couldn't wait to see the graphics. I knew I already wanted the 'Fashion Frenzy' bright pink blush. It's not actually as bright as it seems on, and gives you a nice healthy glow. I didn't think I would be lured into buying anything else but it seems I was wrong! I'm a sucker for the packaging and bought the Irridescent Pressed powder in the glossy compact with the Fafinette graphic on the top. I went to the Selfridges MAC counter instead of the freestanding store, I usually find the Selfridges Makeup artists quite snobbish but this time round I found the chattiest, loveliest make up artist and she was so helpful. This obviously meant I gave in to the pressed powder (a sparkly highlighter) It's a good job that MAC is more expensive as It prevents me from buying everything in sight!


  1. Yeah the Fafi girls are so cutesy and attractive! :D :D
    I wanted many too, but the price of it made me think twice.

  2. ooo i really want to indulge in some expensive makeup but there are so many products, i have no idea where to start?! do i really need highlighters and brow pencils?! a post on what you like and which brands you like would be really helpful to an amateur like myself!

  3. That sounds like a great idea for a post, will gather my thoughts and get back to you on that one...

    In the meantime in answer to your question, there really is no need for highlighters or brow pencils but eyeshadows work just as well for the latter!



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