Sunday, March 16, 2008

Picture Time

My dissertation is almost ready to print out, get bound and sent off to my department secretary who will eventually pass them on to the tutors to be marked. They will then decide on the fate of my dissertation which was written with endless amounts of tea, sleepless nights and towering piles of books. Seriously, I can't wait to return them to the library on campus. The nice thing about Art History dissertations is that I have to print out a bunch of illustrating I thought I would share a few with you. My dissertation is based on the image of The Beach Boys. I didn't realise how much I loved British Pop Art or how amazing Peter Blake was until I finished writing the dreaded dissertation! It's a shame how he hasn't made that much money career wise (he was only paid a flat fee of £200 for the iconic Sgt. Pepper Record Cover with no copyright or royalties) and who also had a major retrospective at Liverpool Tate this year. After he passes away his family can't afford to keep his studio which is apparently more like a museum as he is a bit of a collector of things. He hopes that it will go to auction one day...

The first three images are by Peter Blake followed by two from my favourite artist, Richard Hamilton. (PB: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Self Portrait with Badges, RH: Just what is it that makes today's home so appealing, Swingeing London)



  1. I love the Beatles... for life!

  2. Okay, this is way too cool and I think I want to read your dissertation!

    LOVE album art.

    Once I saw something hysterical that probably only I would find hysterical; it was a project on a forum where people tried to copy albums covers using Paint.

    You'd be appalled.

  3. Oh I saw that exhibition. Was good like. I do enjoy peter blake

  4. I don't think people give Peter Blake as much credit as he deserves because he has achieved so much in his lifetime!

    Album art definitely deserves more recognition, though sometimes recognition turns into celebrity in the case of Julian Opie!



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