Friday, March 21, 2008

Cheap and oh-so-cheerful!

Oh, it's nice to be back home for Easter. I've decided that this weekend is time-out for me workwise, so I caught the bus and went into Birmingham for a bit of me time! As I got off the bus I noticed an old department store had been reopened as a New Look! I went in, and I was blown away. I've never been much of a New Look fan, but this store was awesome and I think I've been converted. It was the first day it opened so everything was super neat and similar to a TopShop layout rather than what I was used to seeing from New Look. There is one in the BullRing, but this one is far more superior! So anyway aside from treating my sister to some Hannah Montana brooches, I ended up buying two bags. One for me and one for my friend's birthday, they were a measly £5.40 after my student discount (oh how I'll miss it when my uni days come to an end..) You can't go wrong with a little 'ombre' envelope crossover bag (which works as a clutch too) in pink and purple. Not so sure about the whole 'ombre' thing as I feel it's more patchworky than anything. I'm keeping the purple one...
I also have one thumbnail swatched with Chanel Blue Satin nail polish. That stuff was actually avaliable at the Chanel counter (the stuff has become a bit of a cult product and is pretty elusive at times) it's so pretty but wow that stuff is expensive. I'll stick with my cheap and cheerful Barry M, even if it does stain my nails...


  1. I like them, but where's the ombre?

  2. yep, exactly what I was thinking when I read they were meant to be 'ombre'

  3. I actually think they look more like patch work also, but nonetheless, very cute.



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