Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring is nearly here...

Today was a lovely sunny February day. The roads and paths were prepared for snow with lots of grit sprinkled everywhere. Luckily there was no sign of snow just plenty of sunshine.

Feeling like Spring was in the air, I decided to tie a pink scarf around my middle, injecting a little colour to an otherwise all black outfit.
I want some new shoes but as tradition goes, over Chinese New Year I am not allowed to buy any until at least next Thursday as it's bad luck. I kind of like all those traditions so I try to keep them up. Though I might have a browse tomorrow when I pop into town with my housemate. Maybe I should leave my debit card at home....
After the dissertation draft was handed in and after my seminar in portraiture me and my housemates decided to go for a walk to the university botanical gardens. Everything was being replanted so there wasn't much colour to be seen, but there is something so lovely and peaceful walking through the gardens, away from the chaos and traffic of the city. It really is like being in another world and really de-stresses you.
The few colours I did spot here and there from the yellow daffodils, snow drops and purple irises encourages me to wear more colour tomorrow! Out with the Black! In with the Spring!



  1. The pink bow is really cute. Yay for Spring!

  2. can´t wait for spring and sometimes there´s this special scent in the air already (glad that I´m not the only one who notices), my light dresses really need to leave that wardrobe of theirs!

  3. I'm seeing cherry blossoms already... love spring...

  4. yeear i cant wait for all colourful oufits of spring! although i will miss black lmao! what a bazar tradition? is there a reason for that? anyway you look real cute in that outfit.x

  5. Your outfit is really cute, the ribbon is a nice touch.

    I actually have no idea about the Chinese New Year shopping time, oops.



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