Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oops I did it again...

Well, a little trip into town shopping. I bought i-D, then bought some stuff for my sister at Paperchase in Selfridges annd then I saw the MAC counter and it lured me in (actually the counter is two floors above paperchase, so I guess i knew where i was heading all along...) I got a Pinky neutral lipstick in LoveLorn which goes on sheer and glossy and the Blushcreme in Posey. Posey is super bright, a bit clown like even- that is, before you blend it in. I love it. Good job I've got a few days at work pencilled in, I think the extra cash will come in handy.

I also got Jules et Jim by Francois Truffaut from the library the other day, which has a great collection of world cinema and at only £2 a week, bit of a bargain. I wanted to watch the japanese film, Dolls too, but I couldn't see it on the shelf. Anyway I've wanted to watch this french classic in a loooong time. So hopefully I will get to watch it tomorrow once I'm done with the dissertation...

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  1. I love MAC make up too and Jules et Jim is such a classic, hope you enjoy!



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