Friday, February 22, 2008

Matching Shoes and Legs

Flicking through the Pucci collection today I noticed one of my favourite combinations in an outfit and that is the matching tights/trousers/jeans with shoes which give way to the illusion of long legs. Plus it just looks really good. I dabbled in this combination yesterday with the blue tights and shoes. However the colours didn't match perfectly unlike these.

The orange and blue was fantastic on the Pucci runway and then there is
the image from Facehunter in the pink. Just how she managed to find shoes so spot on in a perfect match with the tights is a mystery to me!


  1. That really makes their legs look extra long and is a cool look.
    About the Minor White photo--yes! He really believed deeply in mysticism and many of his pictures don't look like what they are. I didn't even include some of his more famous ones, which look super surreal. The best part of it is his work is all organic, these effects aren't created on a computer or in the dark room, he just capture a moment...stunning.

  2. The pink shoes and tights are incredible! Maybe she colored it in with a sharpie like the blue-wearing gal in the color scheme story.

  3. I like it but there are some colors I'd be afraid to be all decked out in, red per say.

  4. Red is quite a hard colour to pull off I think, especially that orange-red shade. I have a pair of tights in that colour and I even find those hard to wear.



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