Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hair Dilemma

Happy V-Day everyone, I woke up this morning to find the loveliest, pinkest bunch of flowers in the kitchen from my dad to my mum which was rather sweet and made me smile...she was stunned too and thought they were for me (haha, i wish) as my dad rarely buys flowers for her.

Anyway, I just found out my hairdresser who I've been to for the last 2 years has left! I have no idea where shes gone as lately I haven't been back for a while now, what with uni getting in the way...I might try and find out where or who shes gone to work for. Though she was getting pretty pricy so maybe switching to someone else will be better for the purse strings? Who knows, I'm booked in for 1pm with a stylist called Ben. Fingers crossed he will be just as good.I want something like the cut in the middle (from the Miss V article in the current Vogue). It's a bob (mine has grown out and is screaming to be cut again). Wow my sixties dissertation sure has brainwashed me a little. It's a bit annoying that I'm back to square one with a hairdresser again...but surely, no one can go wrong when it comes to the bob? I will find out on Saturday...

I'm off to catch a bus into the Birmingham because I want my monthly fix of ID magazine as they don't sell it locally around by me. I feel like that advert off tv, where a woman drives all the way from the country into London to get her fix of Hello Magazine (or something like that)....



  1. That would be a very dramatic cut. Since I move a lot I'm always changing hairdressers, it makes me hate the hairdresser, because I never know what I will get from them...

  2. It looks nice in that photo, and i feel because he's a new stylist the photo will help him a little! My hair is short already so that might make things a bit easier? Argh!!

  3. definitely, so there will be no such shock that you (well, at least I) always have first when the hair is shortened.
    I´m very, very picky when it comes to getting my hair done. not because I´m so much of a vain person but because I find hair changes you a lot.

    but with you already being into bobs this might not be too dangerous! ;)
    good luck and post some pics when you´re done, hairy lady!

  4. I reckon you should go Art Deco - sharp, glossy and not at all 80s!...hang on, you ARE 80s, I forget! hehe ;-)

  5. I don't think i could pull off art deco hair, a bit of a scary thought...



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