Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Fine Line

Bit of a late post today, as I am sitting in my Pyjamas typing this. Had a bit of a busy day as I was out late last night celebrating a friends 21st and then had to get up early today to go and meet some friends in town for some lunch and possible perusing the shops. While I walked to meet my friends I thought about the the clashing jade green tights and pink shoes that I had spotted earlier in the week and then this woman stepped in front of me in her 'striking' coat. I do really love the colours in it and it made me smile.

However it reminds me that while clashing colours can look great, it can look a bit too 80's and a bit out of date. It makes me wonder where the line is between good and bad fashion? When do clashing colours just look bad?
Incidently, I didn't buy those tights and shoes in the end as I realised I didn't feel much of a loss for them as I walked away from a busy TopShop.


  1. I think people worry too much about clashing, I'm not really one for following fashion rules. If you're wearing the right shades I think you can wear all the colours you like. I am intrigued by the all one colour idea though.

  2. No, I'm not either and I don't really care what people think either but it's interesting when you see people and judge their style. It's that unanswerable question i guess, the whole 'what is style'.

  3. Fashion is different for everyone, it's just that some people are more acceptable over unusual dress while others are very narrow minded. Style is definitely something hard to define! I think it's more the way you wear it and the attitide/confidence you have.



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