Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feeling Sunny

As part of my (and probably everyone else who blogs on fashion)routine, I started my day checking out the runway pics from

I was looking through Benjamin Cho's collection and ended up on the backstage photos. His collection was accompanied by bright neon eyes and reminded me of the MAC chrome yellow eyeshadow that i bought a while ago (I was captivated with the amazing matte colour at the time!) and i promptly decided i would have to wear the yellow today as i rarely wear it on its own.
While i am yet to find a shade of yellow that suits me in garment form (I
have been on the look out for a yellow dress for a long, long time), at least i can wear a sunny yellow shade on my eyes.
It's just as well as its a lovely sunny day today, which makes a change from the horrible rain we had yesterday.

Who knows, perhaps i will decide to wear all the colours under the sun tomorrow on my eyelids(like the one to the right) but i think even thats a bit too close to nu-rave for me.
Hmmm, maybe not, it might look good but i think thats a look that might have to stay on the runway unless i dress up as a rainbow for various uni events?


  1. Your yellow eyeshadow looks great. I love the makeup on runways, it is so over-the-top and wonderful.

  2. The trick to that color is to have the right coloring for it, which you do.

    It looks terrible on me (sallow skin, bright blonde hair).

    Also, because of your bangs, it doesn't shout; it just provides an interesting detail and doesn't overwhelm your pretty face.

  3. Aw, thats so nice, you've made my day!



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