Friday, February 15, 2008

Check out

Tartan and checks are everywhere. At least, I'm seeing them everywhere.

I was watching the wonderful Jamie at Home and what was he wearing? A blue checked shirt. Aside from all the cooking and amazing salads that he was making I realised I don't own really own anything checked. I might need to sort that out! It was something I noticed after spotting the checks in Preen's collection at NYFW.

They're everywhere and were seen to the extreme with Agyness Deyn in a tiered tartan dress with antlers....oh and an eye patch (how could i forget?). It was so frivolous and fun and this of course was all in yesterday's House of Holland collection.

(Images from left to right, Checked Shirt TopShop £25, Western Shirt UO £35 and Aggy HOH,


  1. your totally right. I dont think ill ever like tartan but checks are always cool :)

  2. Yeah, I Do think that the shops have taken this into account because there is more of an abundance of checks rather than Tartan!

  3. bumpkin - that dress is just unspeakably horrible! It would have to be done well to bring me round to the idea...

  4. The color of Deyn's tartan dress is fantastic. Totally caught my eye and made me overlook the incongruity of the antlers and perhaps even think they were a wearable accessory.

  5. I would love to see the antlers being tested out in the high street.

    While the dress isn't exactly consumer friendly (not at all country bumpkin though Luna!) i agree that the colour was fab, it was cheerful and fun and the whole ensemble made me smile. Fashion IS fun!

  6. From fish feet to deer heads!

  7. I want a slightly oversized tartan shirt to wear casually.



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