Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bracing the Crowds

I stayed up pretty late last night writing a bit more of my dissertation. I'm on 3,615 words now which is good and i'll make sure to bring it up to at least 4,000 tonight! 8,000 in the next two weeks will be easily done...well i say this but i HAVE to get it done really.

Anyway, yesterday I ventured out into the chaos that is Birmingham Bull Ring on a Saturday. The place was heaving and there were far too many pushchairs for my liking. I had to go in because it's my sisters birthday next Friday and i wanted to pick up a few things. I bought her a birthday card, some gorgeous gift wrap which i didn't realise cost just as much as the birthday card until i went to pay for it. I ended up buying her some MAC make up (eyeshadows and a
quad palette)so i will have loads of pretty swirly green wrapping paper for future birthdays!
My initial idea for her birthday present was something nice from TopShop. Didn't find a thing within my price limit and only spotted things I liked, but i did consider buying her PJ's for ages. I decided not to in the end, and thats when i saw the humungus pile of tights and c heap sale things to the left of the PJ's. I bought two pairs of tights, it's pretty chilly at the moment (it snowed yesterday!) so i picked up some cheap grey wool tights. They're pretty much the same as your standard school tights and after reading so many posts on patterned tights, i picked up some blue and black patterned ones again in the sale. The pattern is sort of a twisted rope kind of design.
They're a little brighter than I anticipated but I think they're fun and went really nice with the blue and black i was wearing that day!

Also...i've had a new baby cousin today, a little baby boy. Can't wait to see him next week when i go home for 'study week' Exciting stuff!



  1. I know the Bull Ring! I have been there and I ate green curry there and I didn't go in one shop because I was dragging around baggage--a sour, middle-aged paramour long since gone.

    I have since learned that no matter how heavy a shopping bag gets, it is nowhere near as heavy as a disgruntled man.

    Love those blue tights. Just let them be the focal point of an outfit; don't do too much remix with them and you'll be fine.

    (Baby sounds adorable!)

  2. Oh it's hard enough concentrating on the shops and spying bargains when you're with someone who doesn't like shopping! I hate that.

    I'm planning to wear the tights with a grey dress, my legs will definitely stand out, esp with all the grey english weather we've been having lately!



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