Saturday, February 16, 2008


So, I went to the hairdressers and came back with a hair cut...that wasn't exactly like the one in the picture. I didn't dare ask for him to go any shorter as it was the first time he had ever cut my hair. It's definitely not drastically different and I think few people will notice that I've had it cut. I'm happy with it though, especially as my fringe is longer in my eyes! Also, I had no idea how expensive their scissors were, he dropped his pair and they went all wonky and he told me he would have to pay £25 to get them all balanced out again. Crazy.

I'm wearing my purple sheena holland hairband in the other two pics, I left it at home, and I forget how pretty it is!

I also walked past the more high end (and more mature), high street store Hobbs today and they have really embraced yellow for spring. I really liked the look of the yellow mac that they had on display on the window. I am really drawn to yellow, it's so cheerful and sunny but as I've said before It's a nightmare finding the right colour and thats why I still don't own any yellow apart from the one t-shirt that is buried somewhere in the bottom of my wardrobe.

Right, 'reading week' is nearly over so I better go and pack so I can get back to my student house, my little pink room and my housemates!


  1. I'm glad it wasn't a hair disaster, even if it wasn't the dramatic change you wanted.
    In regards to your comment, I agree people can change (including myself), but honestly I don't really want to! As high an introvert as I am, desiring to be an extrovert is a fleeting emotion, I can't really imagine being the center of attention all the time, it sounds frightful!

  2. Yeah I'm glad that It didn't go too badly but I might ask for it to be shorter next time, my mom said she could have done it herself (but judging from old photographs, she is never coming near me with scissors EVER)

    -I could never imagine myself to be centre of attention either, I get embarrassed far too easily.

  3. what a relief that it turned out well, hu? ;)
    especially the fringe is somewhat difficult but yours is fab!
    I was inspired by sienna miller´s fringe at a time but I couldn´t really pull it off it was all over my head.

    and thanks for the cupcake yomment of yours, I was surprised at how well they turned out myself, i´m definitely not a kitchen girl.

    xx, isa

  4. I noticed you linked to nine orchids! I'm excited, you're my first link... haha. I added you back.

    I haven't paid for a hair cut since I was 13-14 years old I think. I've decided that until I have enough money in the bank to justify spending $100 on a haircut, it's not really worth it. I can cut it myself and have it look like crap.

  5. It suits, you!The hairstyle would definitely not work on me...

    Actually, I dont even think I could get a hairstyle like that!

  6. ahhh i LOVE bobs!! this is fab, at least you can experience a style now and be even more excited for your next cut



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