Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back In Town

Brrr...I'm back in the student house after a lovely week at home, sitting in my marshmallow pink room and its freezing. My fingers may actually drop off. I'm missing the warmth of home already!

I've discovered the warmest room in the house is the loo, and It's a wonder I'm not writing this in there right now!
I look out my window as i'm writing this and spot a girl cycling on a bike with a little basket and she is wearing the cutest patterned beret. Her boyfriend is walking beside her in a similarly coloured wooly hat. They look like a cute couple. I find that a lot of my friends who have boyfriends start to dress alike after a while, even if they don't notice it themselves!

I'm off to make some tea and then print out the first draft of my dissertation ready to hand in tomorrow. It's not at all at a finished standard but at least I've reached the word count (12,000). Let's hope I've got enough ink in the trusty printer...


  1. You look great, stay warm. :)

  2. The outfit is really cute and nicely put together.

  3. This outfit is great. I know what you mean about couples that dress the same, it's sweet but a bit sickening at the same time!

  4. ha, sweet, my room is very marshmallow-ish as well.
    I didn´t really show that in my pictures before but maybe I should pay more attention to la vie en rose. ;)

  5. plus with the couples: my boyfriend would never dress like me at all, he says that he will probably never understand my sense for fashion (which I see as a compliment then) but I got him to buy one of those huge furry iceland hats. <3

  6. Haha, I didn't think i was much of a pink person until i was given the opportunity to paint my room at uni. Oh, and those furry hats are amazing!



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