Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let me eat Cake!

Omigod, i think i might have found cake form. What are all these people queuing for i wonder? Well, let me tell you i will definitely be joining that queue when me and my housemates fly over to New York (which reminds me, we need to sort that out soon otherwise it will never happen!) because they are all queuing to buy yummy cupcakes (or fairycakes as we Brits know them) at The Magnolia Bakery.
Look how beautiful they are! It makes me feel all greedy and want to take a huge bite out of each of them. Makes me think of Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda (one of my favourite films as a kid) and his 'punishment' of having to devour an entire cake after stealing from Miss Trunchbull.

The Bakery in the Upper west side of New York was made famous by SATC where Carrie and Miranda stuffed themselves with cupcakes. Let me tell you, i can't wait to do the same and probably feel a bit sick afterwards.
I'm sure you (and my housemates would agree) that they are totally worth it! In the mean time, i might have a go at making them myself and will have to put their Recipe Bookon my wishlist on amazon....yum.

Also i thought i would mention the tennis...what a shocker, Nadal knocked out at the Aussie Open by French unseeded player, Tsonga? Crazy stuff. Let's see what happens to the continuous grandslam winner, Federer tomorrow!

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  1. hey! those cupcakes esp the pale yellow ones look like the kind i had at the weardrobe meet up! haha i think it's the same chain cuz i remember hearing the words, magnolia bakery...



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