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Beauty & taiyaki love

Posted on: 21 September 2014

Totoro shelf collection
I'm finding it pretty hard to believe that not so long ago, I was in HK. Now that I'm back at work, it feels like I never ever left the UK at all. While I narrow down the pics for my insta-diary (I can't lie, I'm wondering how on earth to pick just a few faves) here are some awesome little things that I purchased in HK. I did buy some clothes which will appear here over the next few posts, splashed out on yet another bag which I shared here but I also bought some beauty essentials!
Japanese make up essentials
R-L (anti clockwise) Clean & Clear oil control film, 3CE Lipstick in Violeta, Majolica Majorca Lash Expanda Edge Meister Mascara, K-Palette 24H waterproof eyeliner, Etude House Play eye pencil in Shimmer, Sofina Primavista Ange Moisturising base, 2CE Super Fine eyeliner, Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Film Type, Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara and Missha The Style Art Designing Sebum Cut Powder. 
Taiyaki Muji Bag Candies
Oh not to mention the cutest bag purchase ever. It's by Candies Gifts which is stocked at the lovely Elizabeth Lau's shop, The Refinery at PMQ in Hong Kong. I remember discussing her new shop over ice cream in HK a few years ago so it's awesome to finally see the store! It really is the coolest space and stocked with some awesome British designers including her own line of course! I couldn't resist this Taiyaki shaped bag which I spied hanging in the shop. There is something about Taiyaki that I just can't help but love, they just remind me of watching anime as a kid and I knew I had to take a photo of my Muji Taiyaki cake next to the bag....


Posted on: 13 September 2014

Hong Kong View from Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Harbour
Hong Kong View from Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Harbour Sea view
Photos taken from Tsim Sha Tsui (Harbour City)
Honey I'm home! I am back and refreshed from my trip back to Hong Kong. More often than not, I usually travel back with my family where we do lots of family stuff (bonus - I never have to pay for lunch/dinner!). This visit on the other hand, was a solo trip back and these are always fun too, even though I had to run like a mad lady to get my connecting flight at Frankfurt to HK. Seriously getting off one plane and then sitting on the next one within 20 mins was an interesting experience. Though, I think the extra luggage space (hello 2 cases/46kg!) was worth the minor stress. I had lots of dinners and lunches with my family, got to see a uni friend get married and caught up with other friends I've not seen in a few years and check out a couple of Art exhibitions. I got to hang out with my buddies Sam and Kit (we visited HK Disneyland and had THE best time!) and even managed to see Michelle towards the end of my stay. I adore being back in HK and I always feel lucky to be able to call the city home too - even if it's only for 2/3 weeks at a time per year. I often think of ways I can be there more permanently as it's the land where all of my favourite things exist (food, shopping, friends, family - what's not to love?). However, I must admit that it's good to be back home in the UK too with no humidity/heat to contend with, lovely fresh air and being able to fully embrace sweater weather and large mugs of English tea again. Though as ever, I am itching to be back out east again. This trip, my photos were mainly confined to my phone, so an Instagram round up is in the works, so stay tuned....

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